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Sign Up SCTrending and Get Bedding Sets for Your Family

Monday, April 3, 2017 2:38:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

Cheap 3D Bedding Sets

Recently we found that many of our customers or people who inquired our products are buying bedding sets for their daughters, sons and partner. And we’re happy to see this as we think we’re trying to design and bring more kids bedding to our customers.

Maybe you can find some other bedding stores with similar products to our store. But we have selected material by our staff in China and India to make sure the materials are purely originally from nature and no harm to human bodies. We try to make this the most important thing, because we don’t want it to have any harm to our customers.

Recently galaxy bedding sets are popular and we can see it from our revenue data. We’ll design more galaxy bedding sets for our customers.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Bob Lu

Leaving Office Earlier? Have Happy Life Between Work and Life

Sunday, April 2, 2017 2:22:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Blue 3D Bedding Sets

Recently we received a letter from one of our customers, he’s from the USA and ever bought galaxy 3D bedding from us before, and also recommend us to some neighbors about our 3D bedding.

He’s happy with our products especially galaxy bedding series.

Before it met some problem as he gave us the wrong shipping address and our colleague Bob Lu helped him switch to the right shipping address and negotiate with DHL.

Recently he talked about his daily life status, he wants to have more time decorating his new house with his wife, but he can’t leave office very early, and he’s planning to buy more home & furniture products from SCTrending, but as a young worker in the new company, he has to work late to keep good results and performance.

We’re happy to receive this letter as it’s just like a letter from old friend, and we’ve asked our service center people to give more suggestions to him, and happy to reply his inquiry about home garden and furnishing at any time.

We’re happy to receive your letter if you meet any problem or get any questions.

Also you can send message to our Facebook page. We’re sure to reply you soon.


Posted in Bedding Sets By Frank Lu

SCTrending Raised More Revenue DuckDuckGo

Saturday, March 25, 2017 11:08:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Some people may not even know DuckDuckGo, it’s a search engine which helps users protect their privacy when searching. And you can find many articles of difference between Google and DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo has some features Google does not have.

Recently we received order from DuckDuckGo, it’s a buyer from Sweden. And we’re happy to see this as we rarely received order from this country, and the USA, UK, Australia are still our top countries in the past years. So we think DuckDuckGo is something new and helpful for us. And when we look into it, we found our keywords, such as cheap bedding sets, galaxy bedding sets, duvet covers are on top ranking on DuckDuckGo. So later we told our SEM teammates to look into this search engine and see if we could make more revenues by it.

Please following us on Facebook or just add our website address to your bookmark to find us easily next time.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Alice L.

Math Bedding? Yes, Sounds Interesting and Use Comfortable

Saturday, March 25, 2017 11:08:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Math Bedding On Sale

Recently one of our bedding item goes viral, it’s called math bedding, actually we named it with this name, and it’s a bedding with duvet cover on which there has been printing some math symbols and function calculation.

We don’t think our buyers are only people in math or science industry, even we know there has been some professors buying this math bedding from us. Actually this math bedding is for everyone who wants to make their life wonderful and vivid. We thought this math design is something they want, so we design it and produce it in Suzhou, China. And we want to produce more items like this one.




Posted in Bedding Sets By Alice L.

Find Galaxy Bedding for Your Children

Thursday, January 5, 2017 3:49:55 AM America/Los_Angeles

Sleep on Galaxy?

A child spends a lot of their time in the bedroom. They sleep in this room, study and do homework in this room, might even play in this room. When they fall sick they also recover and rest in this room. Hence it is important to make the bedroom a very positive space, one which engages with the personality of your child on a personal level. The bedroom is such a personal space. Hence it should be decorated in a way that interests your child and is related to one of his or her interests. Instead of introducing one of two items parents are nowadays going for themed bedrooms where the entire theme of the room is related to something that will soothe, relax and nurture the young and impressionable mind of your child.

Create a galaxy theme for your young child

Few things fascinate a young child more than nature and its different wonders. The outdoor world is always a dangerous and fascinating world for a child. Most children cannot help but look at the stars and wonder about the worlds beyond their own homes. A bedroom which has a galaxy theme can be bright and beautiful as well as educational for a child. It is also fairly easy to create for you since a large variety of galaxy bedding, lamps, furniture, wallpaper, etc. is available on the market nowadays to make the task simple.

Choosing the right bedding is important

The important thing inside a bedroom is the bed since a child sleeps or sits there for many hours during the day and night. It is the first thing which catches the eye when anyone enters the bedroom. Even if you keep only the bed galaxy themed and nothing else adheres to the theme, the bed dominates the room so much that the room will still seem galaxy themed. In contrast if the bed does not match the theme then somehow the entire theme seems incomplete. Hence it is crucial to apply the galaxy theme to the bed even if it is not applied anywhere else. This is very easy to achieve with the wide variety of galaxy bedding available nowadays. There are bed sheets, pillow covers, duvets, pillows and even mattresses available which will be covered in the prints of stars and galaxies, making your child very happy sleeping on stars.

Decorate the walls according to the theme

Along with the galaxy bedding it is important to focus on the walls as well. You could get wallpaper with galaxies and stars on them. You could paint galaxy themed murals on the walls. You could even write the quotes of famous astronauts or poems related to stars on the walls to inspire the young mind which will be sleeping in the room. You could also put glow in the dark star stickers on the ceiling to give the impression of sleeping under the stars at night.

Tie in the look with the right furniture and lighting

There is no need to stem your creativity or stop the theme with just the galaxy bedding and wallpaper. You could also add other elements to the room like a shelf shaped like a rocket for storing books, a lamp shaped like the moon, curtains with stars on them, etc. All of these can turn the bedroom into a space your child will enjoy occupying and growing up in.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Alice L.

How to Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom with Galaxy Bedding Sets

Sunday, December 25, 2016 11:23:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

How to Decorate Your Children’s Bedroom with Galaxy Bedding Sets

Has anyone tried galaxy bedding sets?

The primary step towards designing a bedding theme for the child is proper planning. A good theme has to be thought about while renovating the child’s room. This way, we have a rough idea about the type of furniture which has to be bought. This prevents disorganized and clashed outlooks. Bunnies and teddy bears are cute, but generally the girls like to play with them. For the boys, toys, sports activities, animal figures or cartoons might be a good idea. Personal preference of the child and the parents are of utmost importance. There are various ideas which can help theme the nursery.

Filling the wall with interesting creepers

From bees to ants and frogs, anything that moves catches the attention of the curious mind of the infants.  Making the room jungle inspired is a good idea. Creatures easily catch the eyes of the children and keep them engaged for hours. A bed which can fit the jungle theme must be chosen. Shades of green and brown are perfect for this type of theme. Galaxy bedding sets also compliment this environment since it is mostly outdoor visuals and the galaxy view at night can turn out to be quite engaging for the kids. An artist can add wonderful wall arts to add to the jungle effect.

Create the barnyard effect to open the gate of joy for the children

Getting all the animal toy or figures and creating a barnyard scene can turn out to be quite interesting.  The bedding must be chosen accordingly. The favourite stuffed toys may be placed near the bed. The colour theme can be set as red and brown to get the farm effect. Picket fences can be setup around the bed. An artist can paint some chicken feeding, cows grazing and ducks swimming on the walls. It is however very important to keep things organized and neat. Galaxy bedding sets will blend really well giving the nursery an outdoor look.

Painting the interest of the child on the walls

Cartoons are every child’s favourite. Hence it is a good idea to theme the room according to the favourite cartoon of the kid. An artist can easily paint the characters of the cartoon on the walls. Reference to comics and the cartoon can prove fruitful. Galaxy bedding sets are universally loved by kids and hence can be a good addition to the room. Bed coverage items like pillow covers, bed sheets can be themed with the cartoon. A comic book library and a mini playing area can be also setup.

Painting galaxies and planets to soar the imagination of the child

What lies beyond our planet is one of the most fascinating things to children. The walls can be plastered or wallpapered with images of the galaxy. Glow in the dark stickers of stars and planets can be mounted on the walls to amaze the kids when the lights go off. The galaxy bedding sets with themed pillow cases and imprinted graphics of spaceships are sure to catch the fancy of the child. 

Posted in Bedding Sets By Bob F.

Bedding Set Show Is More Than A Fashion Show

Friday, December 23, 2016 11:54:21 AM America/Los_Angeles

Are you ready for upcoming Bedding Set trade Shows

Trading shows have become very common in the recent days especially for the automobile companies, handicraft sector and textile sectors. With the passage of time furniture and bedding retail and wholesale companies have taken up trading shows as a mode of exhibiting their goods to the public. This has not only proved success for the company in gaining more traffic for their products but has also lead to an increase in their sale enhancing the profit scale. People visiting the trading shows have been quoted stating that they not only get access to a plethora of products but also enjoys the facility of comparing the quality, price and durability of the products of their desire before finalizing their purchase decision.

Enjoy shuffling products from 1100+ traders

As mentioned keeping pace with time and the style people are looking for; bedding set trade shows house products from some of the leading bedding manufacturing brands. These trade events offer the customers an access to the best design and quality sets for bedding needs which they are looking for to give a new dimension and style to their bedroom at the same time earning compliments from the visitors. The trade shows are organized covering an exhibition area of approximately 150,000 square meters and houses more-a-less around 1100 exhibitors who join the trading show for displaying their products.

bedding Show, Bedding Set Trade Show

Have a Goodnight sleep with Cozy bed sets

A goodnight sleep depends entirely on you the bedding that you use. After the day’s tiresome schedule; sinking directly into a fresh, comfortable and properly cleaned bed with spongy pillows gives you the best sleep that you are looking for. From seasonal duvets to cozy mattress toppers; you will get everything in these bedding set trade fairs. The international brands taking part in the trade shows come with their essential bedding ranges to cater the need of their target audiences.

Budget efficient shopping for both your and your kid’s room

Shopping within budget is not a problem when you make a leap stepping into any of the bedding accessories trade shows. Along with the budget fitting bedding sets; companies taking part in these trade shows also allow the customers a chance of creating their own designer bed sets by mixing and matching different bedding items. You also get hand with kid bedding items. Beautifully designed bedding sets with cartoons and animated graphics are available at an attractive price for giving your kid’s room a new dimension. Kids enjoy living in with the cartoon characters they are most fond of.

Access to mattress toppers and other bedding protectors

While you make investment in branded mattresses and pillows to ensure a good sleep; the bedding set traders make sure that the mattress and pillows you buy remain in their best condition away from soiling and general wear and tear with the durable mattress toppers and best quality bedding protectors. These anti-germ protectors keep your bedding range free from any infections ensuring that you have a sound sleep and wake up relish a fresh morning filled with energy. With stocks from some of the leading brands; the bedding trade shows offer you with quality essential goods. So if you were worried about the product that you get in these trade shows; part away with them and enjoy your visit to the upcoming bedding accessories trade shows.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Bob F.

Where to Find Galaxy Bedding Sets in Zebra Print?

Thursday, December 22, 2016 6:32:49 AM America/Los_Angeles

If you can find reasonable Galaxy bedding sets without going over your budget, it may be a risky business. There are some people who are professionals when it is about spending on a specific budget and other people are not experts at it.

You would want to do shopping and find some real nice deals that are nice for your budget. You can find a nice deal from a store that is making less profit from the business. You can score on nice quality reasonable Galaxy bedding sets and spend some amount of the price.

Cheap Galaxy Bedding

You may see some stores when the sets will be changing at the season’s end from the winter Galaxy bedding sets to the light summer sets. Changing of the seasons is the finest time to get the most reasonable bedding sets from the end of the season’s merchandise.

The various stores can give extra savings through different coupons or if you can sign up for their store cards. These savings can add up fast. Taking the items from the hands of the people is not actually your style. If something is very relaxing and at your own reach it is the best for you.

You need to try searching for the internet for reasonable Galaxy bedding sets in zebra print. If you shop online for reasonable Galaxy bedding sets, it can give you many savings also. There are many sites which can facilitate extra coupons to add to your savings.

There are some sites that can cost some fraction of the usual price because of a big stock that many stores try to unload from their inventory. Online shopping is a huge money saver for the shoppers and can provide a big range of reasonable Galaxy Bedding sets. Several of us who utilize the social media today have many websites accessible to us. The famous online shopping network is eBay. Others such as Facebook garage sale are also accessible and highly famous also. 

Shop Now==>

Posted in Bedding Sets By Alice L.

How to Buy Cheap Bedding Sets

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 10:38:12 AM America/Los_Angeles

There is no reason in spending big amount of money on luxury bedding. If you follow some easy tips, you will be capable to get some of the best looking cheap bedding sets at remarkable prices. Discount bedding does not mean low standard, it just means best opportunity. The top way to get the best price for cheap bedding sets is going for discounts, as this permits you to get some top sheets without having to compromise on standard. No issue if you have bought a fresh bed or you want to switch up bedding scheme that you presently have. Here is what you have to perform in order to get cheap bedding sets

Buy Cheap Bedding Sets Online

The primary thing is to size things up. So, before you begin buying cheap bedding sets, you want to know the actual size of the bed. If you don’t know it, then you will spend more time, and you might find that you got the bad size when you get house. The most famous bedding sizes are California King, King and queen, double, XL, twin XL and twin. At the same time it is really vital to know the depth of your cheap bedding sets. A best indicator, the mattresses that have pillow tops or plus foam toppers need you to purchase bedding sets that have deep pocket sheets, since that is just way you will be capable to make the sheets stay in place.

The next you want to do, is to select a style. So, before you head out to purchase cheap bedding sets you want to know the style you are after. You will find that bedding discount is accessible in all sizes and designs, so if you don’t know what you want you could feel a quite bit overwhelmed. When selecting the style it supports to think about the materials and the climate that are going to work best. For instance, if you live where there high cold, you want to get cheap bedding sets that is made out hot materials like flannel. In hot areas, air cotton, light, or linen linens are a best choice.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Frank L.

Will You Try This Math Bedding Style

Sunday, December 18, 2016 12:26:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

During this Black Friday and Christmas shopping season, many bedding sets items made a figure in our store. And today we want to introduce you this math bedding, which has been ranked 2st by sales volume for our North America marketing. You can visit this link to check it==>


  Actually our SEOer and other marketing people analyze what keywords of bedding sets did people search to find this item. But we didn’t find any trace that people search some keywords such as math bedding, mathematics bedding, math duvet cover. So our buyers didn’t have the idea of printing some mathematic things on the duvet cover. But when they searched other items and in the same page, they find this one. They may just give a glimpse to this item in thumbnail image, but they were attracted by this item and click to open and find more info.

  So we’re glad to find some valuable items with the help of buyers. And we appreciate that they give us so much confidence to throw our marketing budget to these promising items. After this shopping season, we found people are so interested in some unique items or we can say some items with brilliant ideas. That’s the trend we’re following, you may find there’re not too many ordinary or traditional bedding products on our store, but there’re so many unique items with great ideas.

Math Bedding In Low Price

  With our manufacturing center in Suzhou, China. And our design team in New York and Beijing, we are capable of working out more great and unique items for our customers to choose. And in 2017, SCTrending will give our customers more chances to design the bedding styles or patterns by themselves. Once the mould is settled, we could print the bedding sets in 24 hours. So it’s very fast and reliable for some bedding lovers to buy from us.

  It reminds us one buyer, Ms. Anna, who is a math professor in an university in USA, who sent us inquiry letter before placing the order. “How could you guys think about printing mathematics functions on duvet cover’’? We just replied how this item was created by a student in China, and we just make that idea come true by our factory in China. That’s how this math bedding sets came out. And also we have items with math prints on bed sheets.

  We’re also considering prints quotes or provers on bedding, because quote bedding is also a obvious trend in USA market. And it’s very popular for young people, and some parents buy these styles of bedding for their kids, that a kind of sending their hope or wishes to their children, and the words are on bed, sounds interesting and cosy, huh? We hope we’ll recommend you more bedding sets items next time. Or you can go to our home page to view newest items==>

Posted in Bedding Sets By Frank L.

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