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Sleeping On Horse Bedding And Enjoy Your Dream

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 7:54:52 AM America/Los_Angeles

One day our bedding sets chief designers told us in our meeting, why don’t we design some horse bedding in dark colors, just themed red and black. After he came up with this idea, we decided to publish some red horse bedding on our SCTrending bedding stores. And in just one week, we received ten orders all from USA. And it always costs us three or four days to ship our bedding sets from China to USA by DHL, and we bare some shipping cost for our customers. So the shipping rates is just around ten dollars, actually the real cost is more than this cost if shipping internationally.

full size horse bedding sets

  After the expansion of horse bedding, we also launched some more 3D animal bedding sets, like wolves bedding, lion bedding and even panda bedding, hope the charming of Kungfu Panda could help with our panda bedding sales.

We’re glad to listen to our customers about their idea on bedding and printing on duvet cover. And some customers even ask how to print in the right way or write on bedding with quotes they like.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Tony Lau

Is It Scared to Put A Tiger On Your Bed?

Monday, July 31, 2017 5:16:06 PM America/Los_Angeles

Maybe you’re imagining a real tiger on your bed, yes, it looks like a real tiger, but not real.

Last week, a customer who bought a 3D tiger bedding sets from SCTrending sent e-mail to that online beddings store about what happened after the bedding sets were shipped back home. After she put the bedding sets on her bed, it looks wonderful and it’s like a read tiger on her bed and looks stunning. But something happened really embarrassed her.

When her little baby saw this big guy on bed, she cried out loudly and couldn’t be stopped. And she refused to be brought into that room with her ways, crying and struggling from her parents’ arms.

tiger bedspread

Maybe we need to learn from this, parents always try to bring more interesting and best things they think in front of their babies. Because parents always love their babies and want their babies experience the best thing they know. And so many short videos are virally spreading over the social media and video apps, many of them are about funny kids and lovely babies, but we need to firstly know how the babies think or feel before they play the main roles in your videos, which really earn a lot traffic and clicks and even make cash.

If you care more about your babies and kids, just think like a baby and know what they really like before present anything in front of her or him.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Frank Lu

Bring Bedding Sets Business to Cool Bedding Project

Sunday, July 30, 2017 5:35:23 AM America/Los_Angeles

Recently SCTrending launched a new project called Cool Things Pro, this ‘Pro’ is not only for professional, but also for the pro of ‘pro’ and ‘con’, we expect to share more and hear more from our customers about our products.==>

Cool Things Pro will include a variety of products for online shopping, it’s a comprehensive e-commerce store for people who want to find something cool and useful. Also we’ll select our cool bed sets to present them in Cool Things Pro online store. There’re too many for us to recommend, for example, cool dog beds, cool queen size comforters and so on. We try to let people easily find some items which draw their attention.

Cool Dog Bedding On Sale

Our designers are working hard on designing more unique and cool things, we design prints on bed comforters and sheets to let people have the chance to express their feelings about life. Surely we hope people keep positive attitude towards family and life. So we also bring a lot of quote bedding sets.

I guess we actually need to talk more about Cool Things Pro, in a summary, it’s just another online store founded by our headquarter company, it will help you not only find cool bedding sets in different sizes, but also recommend a lot of cool items from Amazon and other e-commerce platform, we hope you’ll like it.



Posted in Bedding Sets By Tony Lau

SCTrending Bring Cool Bedding to Cool Things Pro

Friday, July 28, 2017 12:57:53 AM America/Los_Angeles

Have you heard any cool things recently? Yeah, you can find so many cool products from so many channels like social media or ever traditional newspaper. The millennial love cool things and some different things to let them look different or stay different with the main stream.

We found this trend from our purchasing data, for example, we found so many people are searching cool skull bedding, cool bed sets and blue galaxy bedding, all these are top sales in our website. And we’re so happy to let so many people have the chance to find some cool things.

Cool Skull Bedding On Sale

Skull bedding is very popular in the past several years. And it encourages us to produce some cool bed sets with our own design. We hope customers can enjoy this theme. And our designer colleague was ever website designer, and he told designing bedding design is just like touching people’s mind and let best things appear in front of people’s eyes. So I guess this idea and inspiration is different from our other designers in our manufacturing center in Jiangsu.

Glad to receive your comment about skull bedding sets and blue galaxy bedding.

See you next time.


Posted in Bedding Sets By Alice L.

Bring Skull Bedding Back Home

Thursday, July 27, 2017 7:47:13 AM America/Los_Angeles

Do you feel frightened when you heard skull bedding? Actually it’s not like what you’ve imaged in your mind. It’s not putting a skull on bed as decoration.

Actually skull bedding has been popular in the past years, it looks cool and people search a lot of terms on Google and Amazon, just like cheap skull bedding, different sizes of skull bedding, such as king size skull bedding sets and skull bedding sets queen.

Actually our boss told us that we don’t need to talk about bedding every day. So it seems I’m going to sneak off now to make some other comments, haha. Hope you don’t report me.

Skull Bedding Free Shipping

Okay, let’s come back to talk about skull bedding, haha. Actually we’re in marketing department, not editor department, so we’re not good at editing article and let people read well. But we’re trying our best, just try to give you guys some real contents and feeling.

Oh, come back to our true store, now we only talk about skull bedding, haha. Actually I also have a king size skull bedding in my room, I won this in our last annual meeting, actually every colleague got one. And we’re so happy with what you’ve won.

I’m expecting the next annual meeting.

Finally I finished this article. Yeah!

Posted in Bedding Sets By Bob Lee

Sign Up SCTrending and Get Bedding Sets for Your Family

Monday, April 3, 2017 2:38:16 PM America/Los_Angeles

Cheap 3D Bedding Sets

Recently we found that many of our customers or people who inquired our products are buying bedding sets for their daughters, sons and partner. And we’re happy to see this as we think we’re trying to design and bring more kids bedding to our customers.

Maybe you can find some other bedding stores with similar products to our store. But we have selected material by our staff in China and India to make sure the materials are purely originally from nature and no harm to human bodies. We try to make this the most important thing, because we don’t want it to have any harm to our customers.

Recently galaxy bedding sets are popular and we can see it from our revenue data. We’ll design more galaxy bedding sets for our customers.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Bob Lu

Leaving Office Earlier? Have Happy Life Between Work and Life

Sunday, April 2, 2017 2:22:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Blue 3D Bedding Sets

Recently we received a letter from one of our customers, he’s from the USA and ever bought galaxy 3D bedding from us before, and also recommend us to some neighbors about our 3D bedding.

He’s happy with our products especially galaxy bedding series.

Before it met some problem as he gave us the wrong shipping address and our colleague Bob Lu helped him switch to the right shipping address and negotiate with DHL.

Recently he talked about his daily life status, he wants to have more time decorating his new house with his wife, but he can’t leave office very early, and he’s planning to buy more home & furniture products from SCTrending, but as a young worker in the new company, he has to work late to keep good results and performance.

We’re happy to receive this letter as it’s just like a letter from old friend, and we’ve asked our service center people to give more suggestions to him, and happy to reply his inquiry about home garden and furnishing at any time.

We’re happy to receive your letter if you meet any problem or get any questions.

Also you can send message to our Facebook page. We’re sure to reply you soon.


Posted in Bedding Sets By Frank Lu

SCTrending Raised More Revenue DuckDuckGo

Saturday, March 25, 2017 11:08:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Some people may not even know DuckDuckGo, it’s a search engine which helps users protect their privacy when searching. And you can find many articles of difference between Google and DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo has some features Google does not have.

Recently we received order from DuckDuckGo, it’s a buyer from Sweden. And we’re happy to see this as we rarely received order from this country, and the USA, UK, Australia are still our top countries in the past years. So we think DuckDuckGo is something new and helpful for us. And when we look into it, we found our keywords, such as cheap bedding sets, galaxy bedding sets, duvet covers are on top ranking on DuckDuckGo. So later we told our SEM teammates to look into this search engine and see if we could make more revenues by it.

Please following us on Facebook or just add our website address to your bookmark to find us easily next time.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Alice L.

Math Bedding? Yes, Sounds Interesting and Use Comfortable

Saturday, March 25, 2017 11:08:58 AM America/Los_Angeles

Math Bedding On Sale

Recently one of our bedding item goes viral, it’s called math bedding, actually we named it with this name, and it’s a bedding with duvet cover on which there has been printing some math symbols and function calculation.

We don’t think our buyers are only people in math or science industry, even we know there has been some professors buying this math bedding from us. Actually this math bedding is for everyone who wants to make their life wonderful and vivid. We thought this math design is something they want, so we design it and produce it in Suzhou, China. And we want to produce more items like this one.




Posted in Bedding Sets By Alice L.

Find Galaxy Bedding for Your Children

Thursday, January 5, 2017 3:49:55 AM America/Los_Angeles

Sleep on Galaxy?

A child spends a lot of their time in the bedroom. They sleep in this room, study and do homework in this room, might even play in this room. When they fall sick they also recover and rest in this room. Hence it is important to make the bedroom a very positive space, one which engages with the personality of your child on a personal level. The bedroom is such a personal space. Hence it should be decorated in a way that interests your child and is related to one of his or her interests. Instead of introducing one of two items parents are nowadays going for themed bedrooms where the entire theme of the room is related to something that will soothe, relax and nurture the young and impressionable mind of your child.

Create a galaxy theme for your young child

Few things fascinate a young child more than nature and its different wonders. The outdoor world is always a dangerous and fascinating world for a child. Most children cannot help but look at the stars and wonder about the worlds beyond their own homes. A bedroom which has a galaxy theme can be bright and beautiful as well as educational for a child. It is also fairly easy to create for you since a large variety of galaxy bedding, lamps, furniture, wallpaper, etc. is available on the market nowadays to make the task simple.

Choosing the right bedding is important

The important thing inside a bedroom is the bed since a child sleeps or sits there for many hours during the day and night. It is the first thing which catches the eye when anyone enters the bedroom. Even if you keep only the bed galaxy themed and nothing else adheres to the theme, the bed dominates the room so much that the room will still seem galaxy themed. In contrast if the bed does not match the theme then somehow the entire theme seems incomplete. Hence it is crucial to apply the galaxy theme to the bed even if it is not applied anywhere else. This is very easy to achieve with the wide variety of galaxy bedding available nowadays. There are bed sheets, pillow covers, duvets, pillows and even mattresses available which will be covered in the prints of stars and galaxies, making your child very happy sleeping on stars.

Decorate the walls according to the theme

Along with the galaxy bedding it is important to focus on the walls as well. You could get wallpaper with galaxies and stars on them. You could paint galaxy themed murals on the walls. You could even write the quotes of famous astronauts or poems related to stars on the walls to inspire the young mind which will be sleeping in the room. You could also put glow in the dark star stickers on the ceiling to give the impression of sleeping under the stars at night.

Tie in the look with the right furniture and lighting

There is no need to stem your creativity or stop the theme with just the galaxy bedding and wallpaper. You could also add other elements to the room like a shelf shaped like a rocket for storing books, a lamp shaped like the moon, curtains with stars on them, etc. All of these can turn the bedroom into a space your child will enjoy occupying and growing up in.

Posted in Bedding Sets By Alice L.

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