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 Welcome to the website of SCTrending.com (online store of Hebei Duduo Import & Export Co., Ltd.). We facilitate its services to you with respect to the terms, notices and conditions made in this agreement. When you utilize any SCTrending.com service for example customer reviews, you will be guided by guidelines, rules, terms, conditions that apply to these services and they are in the agreement with reference to SCTrending.com and it reserves the right to alter this site and these conditions and terms at any time.

If you browse, access or utilize the site, it shows your agreement to all the conditions and terms in this agreement. You may read this agreement in a careful manner prior to proceeding.


Use of Site

You exhibit and warrant that you are 18 years of age and visit the site under the supervision of a guardian or a parent. With respect to the conditions and terms of the agreement, sctrending.com gives you a restricted and a non-exclusive license to utilize the site by exhibiting it on your web browser for the objective of shopping for individual products sold on the website and not for commercial utilization or use by the third party. It can be allowed by sctrending.com in advance. If there is any breach of the agreement, it may lead to instant revocation of the license permitted in this paragraph without any issuance of notice to you.

You may not distribute, display, lease, transmit, and make any works from translate, disassemble, or use this site or any part of that is allowed by sctrending.com in writing. You may not use any commercial utilization of any information given on the site or may utilization of the site for the advantage of any other business unless allowed by sctrending.com in advance. Sctrending.com has the right to disallow the service and cancel the accounts without any restriction In case sctrending.com has a belief that the customer conducts violates the law that is applicable or is bad to sctrending.com interests.

You need not distribute, upload or publish on this website any information, content or any other material that violates the patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, or any other proprietary rights of any individual that is considered to be defamatory, threatening, indecent, and pornographic or may give rise to criminal or civil liability under U.S or international law or includes any viruses, bugs, worms, trap doors, Trojan horses or any bad code or properties.

SCTrending.com may give you a password or account identification to allow you to access and utilize some parts of this website. Every time you use a password or an identification, you will be authorized to access and utilize the site in a manner that is consistent with the conditions and terms of the agreement. SCTrending.com has no authority to evaluate the source of this type of access or utilization of the site.

You will be totally responsible for all access to and utilization of this site by any person who used the password and identification assigned to you whether or not to use this site authorized by you including without restriction all the transmissions and communications and all the obligations that include the financial obligations and restrictions used for this type of access or use.

You will be responsible for securing the security and confidentiality of the identification and password given to you. You have to instantly tell sctrending.com of any bad utilization of your password or identification or any breach of the security of the site.

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Notice: sctrending.com can ship from various warehouses. For orders with more than product, we can split your order into many packages that are in accordance with the stock levels at our own discretion. Thank for your understanding.


Reviews and Comments

As provided in the agreement on the site, anything you submit or post to the website and give sctrending.com, that includes, without restriction, ideas, methods, queries, comments, reviews and recommendations is and will be taken as non-confidential and non-proprietary and by posting or submitting, you agree to irrevocably license the entry and all IP rights that are in relation to sctrending.com without any charge.

SCTrending.com will have the worldwide, royalty-free, irrevocable and transferable right to copy, utilize, exhibit, publish, sell, lease, transmit, adapt and make derivative works from such submissions by any means and in any form and to modify, translate or decompile these type of submissions.

All type of submissions will automatically be the exclusive property of sctrending.com and will not be given to you8 and you agree not to elevate any dispute in relation to any use of the entry by sctrending.com for the future.

You agree that your submissions, on part or whole, are free and clear of any IP right infringement, disputes or third party claims. Sctrending.com believes no liability for any copyright or misuse or any other rights of third parties by you. You need to take defense for and indemnify by the sponsor against any type of losses that are due to the utilization of the entries for any type of purpose.

With respect to the rights that are applicable to any submission, when you happen to post any reviews or comments on the site, you give sctrending.com the right to utilize the name that you submit with any type of review, comment or other content in case any with association with such comment,  review or other content.

You exhibit and warrant that you own or control all the rights to the comments, reviews and other content that you post on the website and that the utilization of your comments, reviews or other content by sctrending.com will not violate the rights of the third party.

You will not utilize a fictitious email address or pretend to be someone other than yourself or misguide sctrending.com or third parties as to the beginning of any submissions or content. Sctrending.com will not be obligated to edit or remove any submissions for any particular reason.



All graphics, text, photographs or other images, button icons, audio clips, logos, slogans, trade names or word software or any other content on the site of sctrending.com is of sctrending.com or its content suppliers.

You may not utilize, copy, reproduce, modify, transmit, publish, display, license, sell, publicity perform, commercially exploit or distribute any content or dispose of any content in a method that is not allowed by sctrending.com without sctrending.com express before any written consent.

The utilization of robots, data mining or any similar data collecting and extraction tools on sctrending.com and utilization of the sctrending.com trademarks or service marks in Meta tags is not allowed.

You can utilize and view the content only for you individual details and for shopping and ordering on the website and for no other reason. The assembly, collection, and arrangement of all the site content is of sctrending.com. You may not utilize sctrending.com's content or compilation in any way that discredits sctrending.com in any manner or which causes any violation or confusion of any regulation or any applicable laws. All the software that is utilized on the site is the property of sctrending.com or its software suppliers. The compilation, software and the content are all secured under national, international and state copyright laws. All rights not given are reserved by sctrending.com. Violators will be punished by the law.

Sctrending.com exhibits and respects all the trademarks and copyrights. The use of television, music, motion picture and film festival or other names or titles have no association to sctrending.com and are the property of the copyright or trademark holders.

Our dresses are inspired by the style of celebrities and our recreations of the products worn by the celebrities on your best television shows and the red carpet are not authorized or associated with these type of shows by any means and are not used as infringements by any copyrights or trademarks.


Intellectual Property Infringement Policy

Sctrending.com can take any adequate action when deemed important in order to know all the important federal, state and international laws in association with material that is claimed to be infringing any copyright, trademark, patent and all other intellectual property laws.

In case you are an intellectual property rights owner and you think that sctrending.com sells, offers for sale or manufactures the accessible goods or services that infringe your intellectual property rights, then you may send the information to service@sctrending.com. An electronic or physical signature of the individual authorized to act on behalf of the owner that is infringed.

A detailed description of the infringing work or material.

A description of where the infringing material is there on the product site's URL.

The information that is important to enable us to get in touch with you likes your telephone number, address, and email address.

A statement by you that you have the nice belief that the utilization of the material is not authorized by the copyright or other proprietary right owner or by the law.

Knowing and recognition of the property rights that you may claim by the site for example XYZ copyright, ABC trademark, Reg No 123456, registered 1/1/04 etc)

A statement by you that the information above and notification is precise and has the penalty of the perjury and that you are the copyright owner or you are authorized to act on the owner's behalf who right is actually infringed.

Termination and Effect of Termination

Sctrending.com without giving you any advance notice, may instantly revoke your agreement or revoke any rights given under this agreement. When this agreement is terminated, you will be instantly stopped from making any access to and utilization of the website and sctrending.com will revoke all the passwords and account identification provided to you and not give you access to and use of this site on part or as a whole.

If the agreement is terminated, it will not impact the obligations and rights that include any limitation or any payment obligations of the parties prior to the termination date.


Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

As given in the usual terms of sale that have the same of every item on this site, the items provided for sale on it and the transactions give through it are given by sctrending.com on an ‘as is' basis.

Sctrending.com does not make any presentations or warranties of any type, express or implied as to the functioning of the site or the information, content, materials or items that are on this site apart from that which is given here to the complete extent allowed by law, sctrending.com rejects all the warranties, implied or express but not restricted to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose, title, data accuracy and system integration. This site may have some inconsistencies, errors or typo errors. Sctrending.com does not give warranty to any content that may be having errors or is uninterrupted. The best extent that is allowed by law, sctrending.com will not be responsible for any harm of any type that may come from the utilization of this site that is not limited to punitive, exemplary, special or some harm to the complete extent allowed by law. Sctrending.com's liability to you for any kind of harm will not be more than the aggregate the amount of fees paid by you to sctrending.com during the month instantly preceding the act giving elevation to sctrending.com during the month instantly preceding the act giving rise to the liability of sctrending.com.

Order Acceptance

You may observe that there may be some specific orders that are not able to accept and should cancel. Sctrending.com has the right at complete discretion to cancel any order for any reason. There are some situations that can result in your order being totally cancelled and has restrictions on quantities accessible for buying, errors in the item or some pricing information. There may be some issues known by our credit and fraud avoidance department. We need extra verifications or details prior to accepting any type of order. We will get in touch with you. In case all or any part of your order happens to get cancelled or if any extra information is needed to accept your order.

When both the parties agree the order dispatch, transportation is the liability of the third party logistics company. In this phase, complete ownership of the items belong to the purchaser and all the related liability and risks in the transportation will be borne by the purchaser.


Typographical Errors

Sctrending.com makes an effort to give you precise pricing and item information and also pricing and typographical errors may happen. Sctrendingc.om may not give the confirmation of the price of a product till you give an order. In case, the product is listed at a price that is not correct with erroneous information it might be due to an error in item information or pricing. Sctrending.com has the right at our sole discretion to cancel any order that is placed on that product.

If the item is not priced in a proper manner, sctrending.com can get in touch with you for instructions or cancel your order and tell you about such cancellation.


Pricing in Different Currencies

The pricing of the items sold by sctrending.com is on the basis of figures that are calculated in American dollars and are exhibited in other currencies that are converted from American dollars according to the best conversion rates.

Because of the fluctuation in the values of the currency, prices exhibited in non-US denominations of currency on the site, other than on the personal item page, may not be up to date.

Regions of the site where non-U.S denominations of currency cannot precise include promotional banners, information on product category pages and other information. The price exhibited on the personal item page, irrespective of the currency denomination is the latest price you are responsible for paying to sctrending.com and that excludes shipping.


When the parties do not settle the dispute in 30 days' time after the occurrence of a dispute, they agree to submit a dispute to South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration that will be conducted according to the rules of the commission's arbitration with respect to the application of the arbitration.

The arbitral awards are final and binding on both the parties.


Applicable Law

These conditions are actually governed by the Chinese law without any conflict of laws principles.



This site consists of some links to some other sites on the web that are operated by the third parties. You need to know that sctrending.com is not liable for the operation of or content that is on any such site.


You need to agree that sctrending.com's solution at law for any breach of an agreement will not be adequate and that sammydresc.om will be legible to any particular performance in addition to any harm that sctrending.com may be entitled to get with some costs or any form of dispute resolution that includes the fees of the attorney.

No remedy of sctrending.com shall be exclusive of any other damages injunctive relief, the fees of the attorney and some costs.

No example of waiver by sctrending.com of its rights or remedies under these conditions and terms shall mean any obligation to grant any same, future or another waiver.



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