Maybe you’re imagining a real tiger on your bed, yes, it looks like a real tiger, but not real.

Last week, a customer who bought a 3D tiger bedding sets from SCTrending sent e-mail to that online beddings store about what happened after the bedding sets were shipped back home. After she put the bedding sets on her bed, it looks wonderful and it’s like a read tiger on her bed and looks stunning. But something happened really embarrassed her.

When her little baby saw this big guy on bed, she cried out loudly and couldn’t be stopped. And she refused to be brought into that room with her ways, crying and struggling from her parents’ arms.

tiger bedspread

Maybe we need to learn from this, parents always try to bring more interesting and best things they think in front of their babies. Because parents always love their babies and want their babies experience the best thing they know. And so many short videos are virally spreading over the social media and video apps, many of them are about funny kids and lovely babies, but we need to firstly know how the babies think or feel before they play the main roles in your videos, which really earn a lot traffic and clicks and even make cash.

If you care more about your babies and kids, just think like a baby and know what they really like before present anything in front of her or him.