During this Black Friday and Christmas shopping season, many bedding sets items made a figure in our store. And today we want to introduce you this math bedding, which has been ranked 2st by sales volume for our North America marketing. You can visit this link to check it==>https://www.sctrending.com/math-bedding-with-mathematics-print-on-bedding-cover


  Actually our SEOer and other marketing people analyze what keywords of bedding sets did people search to find this item. But we didn’t find any trace that people search some keywords such as math bedding, mathematics bedding, math duvet cover. So our buyers didn’t have the idea of printing some mathematic things on the duvet cover. But when they searched other items and in the same page, they find this one. They may just give a glimpse to this item in thumbnail image, but they were attracted by this item and click to open and find more info.

  So we’re glad to find some valuable items with the help of buyers. And we appreciate that they give us so much confidence to throw our marketing budget to these promising items. After this shopping season, we found people are so interested in some unique items or we can say some items with brilliant ideas. That’s the trend we’re following, you may find there’re not too many ordinary or traditional bedding products on our store, but there’re so many unique items with great ideas.

Math Bedding In Low Price

  With our manufacturing center in Suzhou, China. And our design team in New York and Beijing, we are capable of working out more great and unique items for our customers to choose. And in 2017, SCTrending will give our customers more chances to design the bedding styles or patterns by themselves. Once the mould is settled, we could print the bedding sets in 24 hours. So it’s very fast and reliable for some bedding lovers to buy from us.

  It reminds us one buyer, Ms. Anna, who is a math professor in an university in USA, who sent us inquiry letter before placing the order. “How could you guys think about printing mathematics functions on duvet cover’’? We just replied how this item was created by a student in China, and we just make that idea come true by our factory in China. That’s how this math bedding sets came out. And also we have items with math prints on bed sheets.

  We’re also considering prints quotes or provers on bedding, because quote bedding is also a obvious trend in USA market. And it’s very popular for young people, and some parents buy these styles of bedding for their kids, that a kind of sending their hope or wishes to their children, and the words are on bed, sounds interesting and cosy, huh? We hope we’ll recommend you more bedding sets items next time. Or you can go to our home page to view newest items==>https://www.sctrending.com/