Blue 3D Bedding Sets

Recently we received a letter from one of our customers, he’s from the USA and ever bought galaxy 3D bedding from us before, and also recommend us to some neighbors about our 3D bedding.

He’s happy with our products especially galaxy bedding series.

Before it met some problem as he gave us the wrong shipping address and our colleague Bob Lu helped him switch to the right shipping address and negotiate with DHL.

Recently he talked about his daily life status, he wants to have more time decorating his new house with his wife, but he can’t leave office very early, and he’s planning to buy more home & furniture products from SCTrending, but as a young worker in the new company, he has to work late to keep good results and performance.

We’re happy to receive this letter as it’s just like a letter from old friend, and we’ve asked our service center people to give more suggestions to him, and happy to reply his inquiry about home garden and furnishing at any time.

We’re happy to receive your letter if you meet any problem or get any questions.

Also you can send message to our Facebook page. We’re sure to reply you soon.