Sleep on Galaxy?

A child spends a lot of their time in the bedroom. They sleep in this room, study and do homework in this room, might even play in this room. When they fall sick they also recover and rest in this room. Hence it is important to make the bedroom a very positive space, one which engages with the personality of your child on a personal level. The bedroom is such a personal space. Hence it should be decorated in a way that interests your child and is related to one of his or her interests. Instead of introducing one of two items parents are nowadays going for themed bedrooms where the entire theme of the room is related to something that will soothe, relax and nurture the young and impressionable mind of your child.

Create a galaxy theme for your young child

Few things fascinate a young child more than nature and its different wonders. The outdoor world is always a dangerous and fascinating world for a child. Most children cannot help but look at the stars and wonder about the worlds beyond their own homes. A bedroom which has a galaxy theme can be bright and beautiful as well as educational for a child. It is also fairly easy to create for you since a large variety of galaxy bedding, lamps, furniture, wallpaper, etc. is available on the market nowadays to make the task simple.

Choosing the right bedding is important

The important thing inside a bedroom is the bed since a child sleeps or sits there for many hours during the day and night. It is the first thing which catches the eye when anyone enters the bedroom. Even if you keep only the bed galaxy themed and nothing else adheres to the theme, the bed dominates the room so much that the room will still seem galaxy themed. In contrast if the bed does not match the theme then somehow the entire theme seems incomplete. Hence it is crucial to apply the galaxy theme to the bed even if it is not applied anywhere else. This is very easy to achieve with the wide variety of galaxy bedding available nowadays. There are bed sheets, pillow covers, duvets, pillows and even mattresses available which will be covered in the prints of stars and galaxies, making your child very happy sleeping on stars.

Decorate the walls according to the theme

Along with the galaxy bedding it is important to focus on the walls as well. You could get wallpaper with galaxies and stars on them. You could paint galaxy themed murals on the walls. You could even write the quotes of famous astronauts or poems related to stars on the walls to inspire the young mind which will be sleeping in the room. You could also put glow in the dark star stickers on the ceiling to give the impression of sleeping under the stars at night.

Tie in the look with the right furniture and lighting

There is no need to stem your creativity or stop the theme with just the galaxy bedding and wallpaper. You could also add other elements to the room like a shelf shaped like a rocket for storing books, a lamp shaped like the moon, curtains with stars on them, etc. All of these can turn the bedroom into a space your child will enjoy occupying and growing up in.