"Betty" got a call one night that her girl had been captured, and her little girl's three youngsters required another home.

"Betty concurred quickly and invited them into her home," said Patricia Tilley, program executive on a fundamental level and Hand Outreach Ministries. "Every one of the three were eager and living on insignificant nourishment stamps and Social Security. Betty did not have a considerable measure to fall back on."

The youngsters — a 4-year-old young lady, a 6-year-old young lady and a 7-year-old kid — left with the garments on their backs and little else.

Heart and Hand, a South Charleston philanthropy, has assisted with sustenance and apparel for the youngsters. Betty needs sheets and covers for their beds.

"She might want for all the bed materials to coordinate since she needs to attempt and treat each of them the same," Tilley said. "There are a few issues of manhandle and disregard that make it hard to give every youngster something else without one of the others getting steamed."

Another lady Heart and Hand has helped, "Marie," is a single parent of a 1-year-old young lady. She cleared out her beau because of abusive behavior at home.

She moved back in with her mother and more youthful kin, as per Tilley.

Marie worked low maintenance until the point that she turned out to be sick and lost her activity for missing work. She discovered, in spite of the fact that she was taking consideration not to get pregnant, she is having another tyke.

Marie as of now has one newborn child in a lodging. Presently she needs a place for the new infant to rest.

She kept different things her first tyke utilized — the auto situate, bouncy seat and bassinet. She intended to offer them to a companion. Presently she needs them.

Marie is chipping away at her GED. She would like to locate a superior occupation than the one she lost.

Her folks help as much as they can. However, they are additionally bringing up two more youthful kids and have a tight spending plan.

Marie is searching for a child bed, sleeping pad and den sheets.

"Heart and Hand has helped this family with attire and nourishment before and realizes that the expansion of another kid will extend their assets," Tilley said.

To help Betty, Marie and other penniless families, consider making a gift to Gazette-Mail Charities.

Gifts made to Gazette-Mail Charities' vacation support drive go to places like Heart and Hand, which at that point puts the cash to great utilize helping the penniless in the group.

To provide for Gazette-Mail Charities, utilize the gift coupon on Page 9A or go to wvgazettemail.com and tap on the Gazette-Mail Charities logo.

Heart and Hand incorporates a thrift store and nourishment wash room. The philanthropy offers garments and work shoes and helps individuals who have gotten utility end letters or expulsion takes note.

Tilley said around the occasions, the philanthropy need nourishment gifts for Christmas meals. It is dependably needing covers, washcloths, gloves, school supplies, tissues, shower cleanser, conditioner, hair brushes, socks, coats, dishes, cookware, clothing cleanser, dish cleanser, antiperspirant, toothpaste, dispensable razors, towels, caps, diapers, paper towels, cleanser, ladylike items, bathroom tissue, infant wipes and nonperishable nourishment.

Gifts might be taken to 212 D St. in South Charleston. Gifts ought to be dropped off in the back street from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Heart and Hand additionally needs volunteers to sort gifts.