We’ll take a bedding manufacturer as an example to let know how the bedding products are produced. We’ll let you know some details by exposing the works of different departments, there’re many things about bedding manufacturing are rarely been found by Internet, but we’d like to write down everything and make it like a series for people to watch and read.

  In some chapters, we’ll tell the details of structure and organization of bedding production department, the responsibility of each type of workers and how to manage and dispatch tasks to them. It includes some work about purchasing department.

  The follow is the conversation issued by Frank Stratton, who founded SCTrending and owns a share of a bedding factory in Jiangsu, China. ‘We’ll take our factory as an example or template, and take department management as the main string, connecting the chains of all the bedding manufacturing processes, systematically introduce the keys of bedding products production process. Also we will make detailed introduction about the organization structure, positions, responsibility of positions, processes of different positions.