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SCTrending is an online store for shopping bedding sets and home decor products, items like sleepwear, swimming wear, intimates are also on the shelf.

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SCTrending is the official online store of Hebei Duduo Import & Export Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2008, it's a group company running several business such as online store, export & import and local community service, we have office in Beijing and Portland, Oregon in USA.

SCTrending is specialized in the retail & wholesale of some fashion products which really help people improve their life quality, and as the home decor and interior design grow fast now, we have put more products related to interior design and home decorations on the shelf of our online stores.

Logistics has become one of advantages of SCTrending. We're in cooperation with DHL so we could apply for good prices in selling season.

The shipping price we get from DHL and EMS is lower than most online stores who ship goods from USA, Europe and Asia. We're exploring more cooperations with more major shipping companies such as Fedex, USPS, because our customers want more options for shipping methods.

We always bring most trending and latest products for our customers and our customers always find they leading the trend in their circles and neighbours.

We have our marketing team which helps us explore the newest items on the market, and our customers could also send us their designs or demanded draft to us, and we could customize with our manufacturers in USA and Asia.


To all of you, from all of us at SCTrending and SCGroup - Follow trending products and Happy Shopping!

Frank Lu
CEO of SCTrending


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